Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators

Cambridgeshire Supernatural Investigators (CSI) are a supernatural and paranormal research team currently investigating activity throughout the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk/Suffolk/Essex area.
We investigate historical, business, and private locations for real answers to the cause of reported activity.

CSI was formed in 2011, but all the lead investigators/team leaders have many years experience of researching the unexplained.
We are a small research group who enjoy investigating claims of the paranormal. We hold public liability insurance with Westminster Insurance.

Telephone numbers of managers of previously investigated venues can be given for anyone wanting references.

New members always welcome.
CSI offer membership for people to join our not for profit club. We charge a membership fee, as we receive no funding or help towards the cost of equipment or public liability insurance.
The annual membership fee is £10.
This membership entitles you to join us on team investigations.
Some investigations will be free of charge but some venues will charge for use of their buildings. In this case there will be a small charge to attend an investigation.This will be the price charged by the venue.
You will also be invited to attend our monthly meetings. This gives everyone the chance to meet each other, swap ideas, discuss recent investigations and plan for the future.
All members must be 18 years and over for insurance purposes.
If you would like further information, please email or use the contact tab on the left.

We also offer a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service to private individuals who might be having strange activity within their home.
If you think you might have paranormal activity within your home, please get in contact.
Cases involving children always/ take priority and references can be provided


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